The densest forest of Juniperus thurifera is in Soria

Did you know that the world’s densest forest of Spanish junipers is in Spain? Specifically in the medieval Soria town of Calatañazor. This Natural Reserve is home to 150-210 Spanish junipers (Juniperus thurifera) per hectare, which are also considered to be the highest in the world (some are over 15 metres high).

Spanish junipers have a very restricted distribution, only found in Spain, France, North Africa and Sicily, so this Natural Reserve is essential for its conservation.

Spanish junipers prefer limestone soils, although they adapt well to poor soils, as is the case of this Nature Reserve, that’s why we see the trees separated from each other forming an open forest.

Calatañazor’s junipers are real giants. Personal Archive

They appeared in the Triassic (251-201 million years) and still continue to exist. Among other things, they saw dinosaurs go extinct!


Juniperus is the name given by the Romans to junipers and their wood.

Thurifera  means “incense-bearing” because of the aroma given off by its essential oils.

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