The fake news algorithm


Next, we present the reader a series of tests that the company OpenAI carried out to test its creature so that you can check the ingenuity of the algorithm and the plausibility of the resulting information issued by the program. The headline, that is, the fragment of text that the computer scientists entered manually, has … Read moreThe fake news algorithm

Invasive alien species. They have come… to stay


Asian hornet, raccoon, water hyacinth, red swamp crayfish, red-eared slider, monk parakeet, fountain grass, red palm weevil, wels catfish, Xyllela fastidiosa… They are all names of organisms that increasingly dominate the headlines of the major media in various countries. They are a real problem in many ways. The environment, the economy and the health system … Read moreInvasive alien species. They have come… to stay

Flat Earth (part 3): Round Earth VS flat Earth. Latest analysis of the “Flat Earth Theory” and conclusions


We continue with the analysis of the most used arguments to support the Flat Earth Theory. After having discussed in depth questions such as the visibility of the Earth horizon or whether our planet moves or not, on this occasion we will analyze the terrestrial doubts about gravity, apparently impossible air routes or eclipses. We … Read moreFlat Earth (part 3): Round Earth VS flat Earth. Latest analysis of the “Flat Earth Theory” and conclusions

Flat Earth (part 2): Round Earth VS flat Earth. The “Flat Earth Theory”, under examination


The  flat Earth collective has made the battle against the established powers its own. Their enemies are legion and they govern science, politics and the society. Their most effective weapons are lies and disinformation with which they enslave us. Because Truth will set us free. And that “Truth” includes the true appearance of our planet … Read moreFlat Earth (part 2): Round Earth VS flat Earth. The “Flat Earth Theory”, under examination

Flat Earth (part 1). The phoenix of myths


There are beliefs that never die. They are indifferent to the blows of time, which are often mortal. They continue to be reborn from their ashes at the most unexpected moments. There are some as ancestral as the one we are going to expose in a series of articles. Because the belief that the Earth … Read moreFlat Earth (part 1). The phoenix of myths

Pogo the Clown. The real case behind IT


Reality too often surpasses fiction. Not for nothing films, books and video games emerge from the same human imagery as the most gruesome crimes or the most beautiful works. Everything is unified. The following article is a sample of the extreme evil that a person can reach. This is one of those cases that attracts … Read morePogo the Clown. The real case behind IT

The Ouija that unleashed the nightmare. The Vallecas case (part 2)


The Vallecas case has become one of the most paradigmatic cases about misteries. The police report was the main guilty of the fame of this case. A document that gave him seriousness and authority. However, the incorporation of new information and fallacies of all kinds over time have ended up confusing the investigators. Even the … Read moreThe Ouija that unleashed the nightmare. The Vallecas case (part 2)