What will you find in this Blog?

Science and Technology

In this section we will publish the latest findings of the avant-garde science that has decided to change the world and the scientific and technological advances that have allowed us to get to where we are

History and Biographies

Universal history will also have a place in Periérgeia, as well as the characters who have built it in one way or another

Philosophy and Religion

In this section we will address all those doctrines and thoughts that have had an irrefutable influence on history

The Magic Planet

Our planet is home to many mysterious places that hide messages, symbols, legends and stories that our ancestors bequeathed to us. We explore them…


The great works of art and artistic movements that have fascinated humanity will also deservedly have their own category

Black Chronicle

In this category we address those people and events that left their tragic mark on history


The age of the Internet and globalization have brought with them an increase in viral information and hoaxes that are reaching more and more people. In Periérgeia we will reveal them

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What motivated the birth of Periérgeia?

For giving the welcome to this Blog, it is possible that I use a typical quote. This is not just any blog. Its design, function and structure maybe similar to that of other blogs. However, the underlying intention is almost unique.

The incentive that has prompted me to begin with this long term adventure has been buried and restrained for a long time. For the last ten years, in particular. It happened in a fleeting moment. Something ignited that spark that makes the human being unique, what really distinguish him from the other living beings. That spark, that inner fire that everyone of us carry to a greater or lesser extent is the Περιεργία, the curiosity, the need to know, the vital duty that Homo sapiens has to find a solution to all mysteries, even they are related to him or not. That power that gave birth to science, religions, philosophies and art. In fact, the name of this Blog derives from there. And what better exponent of human curiosity and eagerness to discover than the Martian explorer Curiosity, whose image leads the design of this project.

This Blog pursues one single aim: To spread and transmit the passion for the knowledge through the rigorous research. Obviously, this project won’t be done by a single person. It would be intellectual suicide for a person to manage all the topics that are intended to be covered in this Blog. This is a collaborative project made by several people that share that Περιεργία. It is also a project which will grow with the readers’ invaluable contribution with their constructive criticism and corrections of possible errors that may appear. Therefore, together and with our innate curiosity, we will make this little entity to become something bigger, something important.

As a beloved fictional character claimed, “The truth is out there”, and the human intuition knows it. We only need a small impulse to dive into the dark shadows of the unknown. Always wielding curiosity as our weapon… To sum up, we give you all, dear readers, a warm welcome to Periérgeia. Quoting with a light variation another well-known fictional character: “Welcome to my house! Enter freely. Go safely, and leave something of the curiosity you bring!”