“Walpurgisnacht”: the witches’ night

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I imagine you are all prepared for this unique night. What is going to be celebrated? Today is the “witches’ night”, one of the most important festivities of the witches’ calendar in Northern Europe. On this night, one of the most intense and frightening witches’ sabbaths of the year takes place at the Brocken Peak … Read more

The Armenian lycanthropes

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The werewolf is a universal myth. Several cultures around the world have it as another creature of their mythological staff. There is something about the wolf that fascinates us. Perhaps it is its fierceness, its loyalty, its beauty. The werewolf is found even in the most remote places for the western people, like Armenia. Although … Read more

The apparition of the Virgin Mary that inspired the flag of the European Union


Even if we don’t realize, mysterious events and enigmas surround us constantly. So much so that mysteries have inspired all sorts of issues that we see or experience on a daily basis, and whose enigmatic foundation we do not know. Such is the case, for example, with the flag of the European Union. On the … Read more

Excommunicated animals


In an effort to ensure power and faithfulness to God, the Church has created all sorts of strategies. One of the best known is excommunication. Excommunication consists in the social and ecclesiastical exclusion of the condemned person from the sacraments. This punishment was imposed on people of all walks of life. But also to animals, … Read more

Veganism. History, myths and facts


The ever-increasing knowledge about the functioning of the livestock farming industry, the situation that billions of animals live in some of its facilities and its environmental impact have activated the morale of many people. Today, tens of millions of people have decided to stop collaborating with this industry because of the scenes of torture and … Read more