Human races are nonexistent. The farce of racism

Let’s be clear from the beginning: racism is an invention of human stupidity. If we think about it, there is nothing more absurd and simplistic than attributing someone an intellectual or innate inferiority because of their morphology or ethnicity.

Racism is a belief based on a single principle: that within the human species, population subsets can be clearly distinguished from one another by their morphological traits (skin colour, cranium shape, etc.). Therefore, if this principle is invalidated, racism would be meaningless. So do human races exist?

The phenotype, that is, the set of all our morphological features, is the visible manifestation of our genotype (although the environment also plays a role), or in other words, the set of genes that each of us has. Therefore, if races exist, it would be logical that significant differences would appear between their genotypes and that certain exclusive characteristics could be isolated for each race. Well, since the 70s of last century it is known that there is more variability within those “races” than between them. Such has been the magnitude of human migration and inter-population crossings that it is impossible to find unique traits to characterize a race.

human races don't exist-racism-supremacism-beliefs-hate
The scientific consensus ensures that, in the absence of substantial genetic and morphological differences between human populations, races do not exist. Tierra de Misterios

For most biologists and anthropologists there is no doubt: the race is a pseudoscientific concept. There is genetic diversity, but there are NO races, we are all equal. There is only one “race”, the human race. In conclusion, racism and supremacisms are harmful and divisive frauds and nonsense that must be fought.

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