Some things you didn’t know about horses

The legs of newborn horses are 90% of the size they will reach as adults. In addition, a few hours after they’re born they can run… Just like humans, right?

The average gallop speed is 44 km/h although the speed record is 88 km/h.

curiosities about horses-biology
The legs of newborn foals are almost the same size as they will be when they reach adulthood. Archivo personal

Horses drink between 25 and 55 l of water a day, although the amount varies depending on their size, weight, activity and location.

Their teeth are growing continuously, which is compensated by the pronounced continuous erosion they suffer, since they chew grass between 12-18 hours a day.

Horses don’t usually throw up. This happens because the valve that separates the esophagus from the stomach, the cardias, is so strong that it prevents the food from flowing back… Only in some cases the food can go backwards due to a strong spasm, but curiously it will come out through the nose instead of the mouth.

Each ear has 16 muscles, which makes it possible to turn it 180°.

There is a myth that equestrian statues have different meanings regarding the death of the sculpted character:

  • Horse with both front legs raised: the rider died in combat.

  • Horse with one leg raised: the rider died as a result of injuries received in battle.

  • Horse with all its legs on the ground: the rider died from natural causes.

However, in many cases the cause of the rider’s death does not coincide.

curiosities about horses-biology- equestrian statues
The meaning that has been popularly given to equestrian statues is not based on a historical basis. ABC

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