The “false” surname of Miguel de Cervantes

Miguel de Cervantes Saavedra, the genius of literature capable of immortalizing several literary works. A name that is repeated unceasingly and that is taught from an early age. Name: Miguel. Surname: de Cervantes Saavedra. But here there would be an error according to a recent theory exposed by the researcher Luce López-Basalt.

A thesis assures that the second “surname” of the prolific Miguel de Cervantes would really be a nickname. Juan de Jáuregui-Wikipedia

The writer from La Mancha initially signed only as “Miguel de Cervantes”. From 1585 he would begin to add his second “surname”: Saavedra. But this was probably more a nickname than a surname. According to López-Basalt, Saavedra came from the Arabic Maghrebi word “Shaibedraa”, which would mean “defective arm” in reference to the injury to his left arm for which he is famous. He would have been acquired  this nickname in Algiers, where he was held captive for 5 years (1575-1580). A memory of that dark lustre for the universal writer.

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