The accidental origin of Heavy Metal

There is no doubt that Heavy Metal has been one of the most indispensable artistic creations of humanity. Its enormous variability and richness also allows it to adapt to any type of audience. However, did you know that an accident caused the birth of this musical art?

Tony Iommi was co-founder of one of the first Heavy Metal bands, Black Sabbath, and one of the parents of this genre. Ultimate Classic Rock

The protagonist of, to a certain extent, the “lucky” accident was Tony Iommi, guitarist and one of the founders of the band Black Sabbath, practically the first band of this musical genre. When he was 17-year-old, a press crushed some fingers of his right hand. Iommy played in a local band and, although it seems that this accident could cancel his future plans to continue playing, the guitarist fought for his dream and made a small “arrangement”.

Tony had to make prostheses to restore the fingers he lost in the factory where he worked. With them he invented Heavy Metal. Taringa

Tony made prostheses from bottle caps to replace his lost phalanges. But one more problem was still to be polished. His guitar strings were now too rigid. So he lowered the tuning of his instrument so that sitrings would become more lax and less painful to strum. Thus was born the typical tonality of this genre that would influence future bands. This is how one of the best musical genres in history was born.

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