The Ouija that unleashed the nightmare. The Vallecas case (part 2)


The Vallecas case has become one of the most paradigmatic paranormal cases in Spain. The police report was the main guilty of its fame. A document that gave it seriousness and authority. However, the arrival of new information and fallacies of all kinds over time have ended up confusing the investigators. Even the versions of … Read more

The Ouija that unleashed the nightmare. The Vallecas case (part 1)


This year marks the 27th anniversary of a strange event that happened in Vallecas, Madrid (Spain). Tragedy, fear and confusion gripped the Gutiérrez Lázaro family for years. This story has become a modern myth that has even reached the big screen with a film that has reaped enormous success both in Spain and in other … Read more

Fernando Jiménez del Oso: The heretic of Televisión Española

He was a man with an enviable curriculum and communication skills. No area of knowledge escaped their need to know. It is considered as one of the references in the “world of mystery”. He appeared on television, radio and paper. He directed and created his own television programs and magazines. It encouraged generations of curious … Read more