The fastest primate

  • It is the patas monkey: Erythrocebus patas.

  • This Old World Monkey is the fastest primate, since it can reach  56 km/h running.

  • Males of this species weigh about 10 kg and females about 6 kg.

Erythrocebus patas is the fastest primate in the world. Julien Renoult
  • Their legs and tails are long. They have a reddish-brown hair with lighter and darker areas.

  • This species lives in dry savannas of central Africa, occupying only the edges of the jungles and scrub areas; they never enter the thicket.

  • They are omnivorous and very social: they live in groups of 10-30 individuals with one or two dominant males.

  • The population is decreasing; they are occasionally hunted for meat and they are also persecuted for being considered “crop pests“.

Its habitat is confined to central Africa. Chelsea Skinner

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