The biggest sequoias

General Sherman (Sequoiadendron giganteum)

  • This is how this sequoia is known, considered to be the living being with the most biomass on Earth, since it is the tree with the greatest net volume: 1620 m3.

  • It weighs more than 2000 tons and the perimeter of the trunk is about 31m.

  • But it is not the tallest tree although it’s about 83m.

  • Its approximate age is 3500 years old and it is located in the Sequoias National Park of the USA.

  • It was named in honor of General William Sherman who fought in the Civil War.

General Sherman is the living being with the most biomass on the planet. World Wide Gifts

Hyperion (Sequoia sempervirens)

  • It is the highest tree and living being on the planet nowadays, as it measures about 115m.

  • Its estimated volume is about 530 m3.

  • Its estimated age is 600-700 years and it is found in Redwood National and State Parks (California).

  • Hyperion is the name of the titan of Greek mythology son of the Sky (Uranus) and the Earth (Gaia).

Hyperion is the highest organism on Earth. Anfrix

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