How do amphibians hear?

Amphibians have two ways to capture the vibrations of the medium and transform them into sound:

In one hand, through their legs… What actually happens is that when the ground vibrates, vibrations are transmitted by the legs to the scapula of these animals, and  through the opercular muscle and opercular bone, reaching the oval membrane and the lagena, components of the hearing system. This is one of the hearing pathways (a).

This is the option a) according to which the amphibians capture the vibratory waves through their extremities. K. V. Kardong

The other way is the best known (b), where vibrations are captured by the tympanum and transmitted by the corresponding components of the middle and inner ear.

Option b) is the most well known. K. V. Kardong

So no matter how much you want to surprise a frog, you won’t get it, they will detect the vibrations of your footsteps and run away!

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