The palm oil controversy


It is one of the most controversial substances nowadays. It has been filling the pages of the major media around the world for some time now. While it is true that it has many uses and is very profitable, marketing often hides its darkest secrets. It is when they have been revealed that society has … Read more The palm oil controversy

A language to alert humans of the future


Dr. Thomas A. Sebeok, of the Research Center for Language and Semiotic Studies at Indiana University, never imagined the request the Ohio Office of Nuclear Waste Isolation would make to him: to build a language system to warn people of 10000 years in the future of the places where potentially hazardous nuclear waste is buried. The … Read more A language to alert humans of the future

Veganism. History, myths and facts


The ever-increasing knowledge about the functioning of the livestock farming industry, the situation that billions of animals live in some of its facilities and its environmental impact have activated the morale of many people. Today, tens of millions of people have decided to stop collaborating with this industry because of the scenes of torture and … Read more Veganism. History, myths and facts