Six curiosities you didn’t know about Venus

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Venus is considered the brother planet of the Earth. However, since their births they have followed different trajectories that have led them to very different destinies. The current atmosphere of Venus is composed of 96.5% carbon dioxide. Toxic clouds of sulfur dioxide travel rapidly through it. But Venus has not always been so unwelcoming. It … Read more Six curiosities you didn’t know about Venus

Francisco de Quevedo, great writer… and spy

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It is not too well known that the author of El Buscón (1626), in addition to being a prolific writer, worked as an undercover agent. He did this for his good friend the Duke of Osuna and Viceroy of Sicily Pedro Téllez. The truth is that Quevedo had one of the basic qualities of an … Read more Francisco de Quevedo, great writer… and spy

The 5 most important facts about the plague you should know

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“¡How many brave men, how many beautiful women, how many gallant young men whom Galen, Hippocrates, or Aesculapius would have judged to be very healthy, ate breakfast with their relatives, companions, and friends, and in the evening dined with their ancestors in the other world!” – The Decameron, Bocaccio 1. The disease can occur in … Read more The 5 most important facts about the plague you should know

The world’s largest mollusc


This is the colossal squid, Mesonychoteuthis hamiltoni. It’s also the largest invertebrate on Earth. And not only that, it is also the animal with the largest eyes, as they can measure up to 27 cm in diameter. It lives at a depth of 1000-2000 m in the cold waters of the Antarctic, New Zealand and … Read more The world’s largest mollusc

The most dangerous virus in the world

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SARS-CoV-2, the etiological agent of the respiratory disease COVID-19, has turned our civilization upside down. It has spread in the blink of an eye across the globe. But the most terrifying thing is the death toll. Every day, thousands of people continue to swell the numbers. However, this virus is not one of the most … Read more The most dangerous virus in the world

The sighting that made UFOs famous

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June 24, 1947. A turning point occurred. The phenomenon of Unidentified Flying Objects gained its eternal fame. All the films, books, series and other elements of the popular culture inspired by UFOs have their origin in that very moment. The pilot Kenneth Arnold was flying over Mount Rainier in Washington State that day, looking for … Read more The sighting that made UFOs famous

Boundary layer: a tool to protect against the cold

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Endotherms, like mammals and birds, mainly use two methods to minimize heat loss by convection in cold environments: .Increasing heat production Reducing heat loss by increasing the efficiency of the insulation, but how? By empowering the BOUNDARY LAYER. The boundary layer is a layer of fluid (water or air) adjacent to the surface of an … Read more Boundary layer: a tool to protect against the cold

Eugene Shoemaker, the only human being that rests on the moon

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Although his life was extinguished prematurely in a tragic car accident in 1997, we can assure that Eugene Merle Shoemaker had a full life. He was able to do everything he ever dreamed of. An early intellect allowed him to enter college at age 16, and not just any college, but the prestigious California Institute … Read more Eugene Shoemaker, the only human being that rests on the moon

Some things you didn’t know about horses

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The legs of newborn horses are 90% of the size they will reach as adults. In addition, a few hours after they’re born they can run… Just like humans, right? The average gallop speed is 44 km/h although the speed record is 88 km/h. Horses drink between 25 and 55 l of water a day, … Read more Some things you didn’t know about horses

Human races are nonexistent. The farce of racism

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Let’s be clear from the beginning: racism is an invention of human stupidity. If we think about it, there is nothing more absurd and simplistic than attributing someone an intellectual or innate inferiority because of their morphology or ethnicity. Racism is a belief based on a single principle: that within the human species, population subsets … Read more Human races are nonexistent. The farce of racism

Jasper Maskelyne, the magician who fooled the Nazis

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He was a little-known British illusionist, unlike his father and grandfather. That’s probably why Jasper enlisted in World War II, to exploit his skills as an illusionist with which he didn’t succeed in England. He would not use weapons against the Germans, but cunning and illusionism. His most famous interventions occurred while he was stationed … Read more Jasper Maskelyne, the magician who fooled the Nazis

Animal infanticide. Why some animals kill the offspring

Although we may find this behavior barbaric, we must try to avoid its humanization. It consists of the killing of the young offspring by a mature adult of the same species. It is a frequent behavior in the animal kingdom and it can be maternal or paternal, occur within or outside the family and take … Read more Animal infanticide. Why some animals kill the offspring

A blood sacrifice to invoke Slenderman

slenderman- asesinatos-creepypasta-creepypastas-morgan geyser-anissa weier-intento de asesinato-invocar a slenderman-slenderman pelicula

Slenderman is a character born on the Internet, a “creepypasta” (a neologism derived from the computer command “copy-paste”). We could say that he is the personification of some of our most atavistic fears, such as the fear of being watched by someone or something we cannot see, one of the pillars of our survival instinct. … Read more A blood sacrifice to invoke Slenderman

Queimada Grande. The forbidden island

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The Brazilian island Queimada Grande is better known as the Island of Poisonous Snakes because it is plagued by dangerous snakes. It has a dimension of 43 ha and is located about 32 km from Sao Paulo. It is the exclusive habitat of one of the most poisonous snakes in the world: Bothrops insularis, classified … Read more Queimada Grande. The forbidden island

What did Einstein mean by “God does not play dice with the universe”?

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Albert Einstein, the genius par excellence, said many remarkable things throughout his busy life. But one of his best-known and most misunderstood quotes is the following one, which he left written in a letter to his colleague the mathematician Max Born: “Quantum mechanics is certainly imposing. But an inner voice tells me that it is … Read more What did Einstein mean by “God does not play dice with the universe”?

Is “La Gioconda” Leonardo’s mother?

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Pacifica Brandano, Isabella Gualanda, Constanza d’Avalos, Isabela de Aragón or Leonardo da Vinci himself have been some of the alternatives used to find out the true identity of the woman with the mysterious “sfumatta” smile between layers of paint. The “woman of the eternal mystery” we could call her, since the authentic model whose effigy … Read more Is “La Gioconda” Leonardo’s mother?

Why do dogs eat grass?

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The most widespread belief is that they do this to purge themselves, because of a malaise stomach, but the truth is that the evidence is not conclusive. In fact, not all dogs vomit after eating grass. However, there are many other hypotheses: It is a behaviour inherited from their ancestors the wolves: the vegetal matter … Read more Why do dogs eat grass?

5 curiosities you didn’t know about the Apollo 11 mission

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Although today we remember it as an honorable and impressive episode, the truth is that stress and anguish predominated in the Apollo 11 mission. The odds of returning from the Moon safely were really low. Maybe that’s why president Richard Nixon preferred to watch his back by having a memo written entitled In Event of … Read more 5 curiosities you didn’t know about the Apollo 11 mission

Some curiosities about the skin

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The skin is the largest organ of all vertebrates. Its main functions are: Protective (in terrestrial vertebrates it protects from drying out as well). Sensitive or sensory:  perception of pressure, temperature, vibration… Excretory: elimination of waste substances. In some vertebrates it also participates in thermoregulation and water balance through sweating and vasodilatation-vasoconstriction. For example, when it … Read more Some curiosities about the skin

The penis of female hyenas


This occurs in the spotted hyena (Crocuta crocuta), whose females are more aggressive and dominant than males. They possess a false penis and scrotum (pseudo penis and pseudo scrotum). However, the truth is that they have an enlarged clitoris shaped like a penis actually, which is erectile and used to urinate. And the vaginal lips … Read more The penis of female hyenas